to make money by forex forum posting:
we know that forex is the world largest financial market place.any body can build his career in forex trading business.we can make money by forum posting.this money can be transferred to our trading can make money by forex forum posting.per post would be given .20 cents by instaforex company for posting can make handsome money like 100 to 300 dollar by this forum posting.profit can be withdrawal from your trading account.first you have to sign up the forum.if you not know the random question you may search in google box to get answer.referred id would be, start your making money from home and get financial freedom to your family.Join now the forum here

2.Google adsense: 

In present Days Google adsense is very popular for web publisher. It is the most easiest way to make money from his home and make your own boss. many guys making a huge money from it.Google Adsense is a monetization revolution for small content publisher. It allows small web content providers such as bloggers to earn revenue from advertising on their web sites and blogs. When a visitor click on the on the Google ads, Google makes a small profit from the advertiser, and in turn, pays a percentage of that profit to content publisher.
Google makes it easy for everyone to join. If you are a web publisher or a blogger then simple complete the online Adsense form. Once your application is approve and have added the google adsense script to your site or blog then google will automatically place the ads on the site or blog similar to those that appear next to search google search results.Presently,many google competitor adbrite,chitrika etc.i think google is the best for publisher to make money.but google adsense is risky too.any time google adsence may ban from adsense authority and publisher lost,forex business is better than adsense.
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How to make a blog:

First you need a gmail account,create a gmail account from google mail under signup button.go to the blogger click the link,click the create a blog button.put your email address,retype your e-mail

address,pasword,dispaly name,accept terms and press the next button.Here
put your blog name,choose tamplate click finish button and start blogging! You can see how to make a blog tutorial in this link: how to create a blog with blogger
Submit your site: Google Search:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of building a website that is technically suitable for search engines to read and index. With a website that is technically suitable for indexing, it will rank pages higher in search engine results for keywords.

Submit Your blog or website in 3 major Search engine .It helps in the visibility of web site in the World Wide Web and generates more publicity. Moreover submission to directory helps in increasing back links and instances of your web site. Another major advantage of directory submissions is that once you have submitted to a few reputable directories, your web site will automatically get indexed by search
engines. Customers looking for particular products and services also use directories for reference, so submitting to reputable directories unfailingly leads to an increase in traffic to your site. Add your URL to
Submit your site:bing search:
1. The first thing is to create an account or use one you already have for the services of pages of Microsoft, like Hotmail.

2. If this is the first time you access the service and never have sent your URL, you will see the option to "Add Site. You can have multiple websites / blogs in the same account.

3. Go to

* Click the "Add Site" to add the URL of your blog.

* Enter the address of your blog where it says.

* And click on "Submit" to submit your request.

4. Verify your ownership of your website.

Webmaster Tools requires authentication to ensure that only the rightful owners are provided with information about their websites. There are two ways to prepare your website for authentication, both of which rely on your adding an authentication code your website. You need to do only one of them to get verified.

Submit your site:Yahoo search:

Yahoo Sitemaps is useful if you want your blog/website to get indexed completely inYahoo Search Engine.

Firstly, Submit your blog/website to

Secondly, For Submitting, Click on submit you Website or Webpage option and enter your blog/website address.

And then submit your site feed, for submitting Click on Submit Site Feed and enter the sitemap of your blog and Finally add the feed in your Blog.
After submit  the search engine, your site or blog would be index by Google, yahoo and Bing search engine. It is very important for your website or blog.The more people visit your site or blog the more popularity would be increased and promote your blog or site.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business which sold another company or affiliate networks product. But There many fraud affiliate network. The most popular affiliate networks are Amazon,Ebay,Paydotcom,Cj
Marketing,ClickBank etc. This pays affiliate real money.

The Amazon is the world wide Affiliate market places. It”s affiliate commission is 4 to 15 % per product. It operates sites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and China. When the buyer click the affiliate product link and bye’s the product the affiliate get it’s commission.

EBay: EBay is the world one of the most popular affiliate site. Here the affiliates are the publisher.They earn money when the visitor click the valued click, Valued click means quality click which drives to eBay shop. Thus an affiliate can make easy money from his own website or blog.

CJ Marketing or Commission Junction is the World leading affiliate marketing networks. An affiliate can advertise it’s product through e-mail, linking, search engine etc. Affiliate or publisher can use third party ads like google,adbrite etc to promote the affiliate product. The affiliate or publisher gets money when the customer leads the product.